Fictional project / 2023

Art direction / design / Packaging design / 3D

Absolut Vodka is launching its new flavour, described as the perfect burning sensation – a lean, silky smooth Absolut vodka, infused with the heat from delicious but fiery chili. They want an integrated campaign with the goals of driving engagement to their digital channels and get consumers talking about their new product.

Pain or Pleasure

”Expression of powerful pleasure and pain are identical.”

With this theme in mind we created a campaign exploring the thin line between the two emotions, just as Absolut HEAT does.

Digital solution

An interactive landing page which gives visitors the task of judging whether or not a person is experiencing pleasure or pain with only their facial expression as a hint. The line between the emotions are thin and in this intersection we find Absolut HEAT. With this we mean for the consumer to ge engaged in the game and find it a fun experience that benefits the brand experience Absolut offers.

Display & social media

A less interactive approach to the campaign theme was taken in display ads and on social media. Using the interactive element and questions we are directing the viewer to the landing page to explore further.

Key visual

Velvet in combination with a slow burning fire is used to represents the smooth flavour and fiery taste of HEAT. This imagery is used in a clear way but with a subtlety in colors and contrast to create a tasteful and refined look that fits well into the Absolut Vodka family of flavours, while still sticking out in its own way. This key visual was made with animation in mind, using the burning edge to really emphasize the flavour.

Gabriel Lindersson (Art director & designer)

Sebastian Boukachabia (Copywriter)