Gabriel Lindersson

is a multidisciplinary art director and designer who knows a bit too much about too much.

His knowledge with everything from art and culture to design and tech gives him an unique viewpoint with every project. Every opportunity for him to use a new tool or skill is something he'll always take on with an "I fix"-mentality.


Welcom, Art Director (intern) | April 2023–December 2023

Freelance, design & web development | 2020–now


Art Director (HVE) at Yrgo | 2022–2023

Media, Aesthetics and Cultural Entrepreneurship (B.A.) at University of Gothenburg | 2019–2022

Graphic design and Typography I at Linnaeus University | 2021–2021

Media production and Process design at Malmö University | 2017–2019


Art direction // Design // Typography // Motion // 3D // Web design