Örgryte is

Intern project / 2023

Art direction / design / motion design

After a rocky season for Örgryte IS, the club needs its supporters more than ever. Going into 2024 they want to show their supporters that ÖIS is a club that never gives up and to give hope for the new season. The project was to create the design for Örgryte IS 2024 season ticket and a social media-posts for its launch that reflect ÖIS new voice and tonality.

A mockup for ÖIS season ticket.

season ticket

With the design of the season ticket the club emblem takes the backseat. Instead it shows the supporters painted in the clubs colors with the star from the clubs emblem. The image emphasizes the importance of the supporters to the club and their engagement at the games.

social media

For the motion graphics a more DIY look and feel is used to show the legacy of the club and their history as the oldest official football club in Sweden. The quick pace and smart copy shows the clubs vitality and fighting spirit going into 2024.

Gabriel Lindersson (Art director & designer)

Fanny Schough (Copywriter)