Fobbeck records

Freelance / 2023

Art direction / design / Branding

For the opening of the Fobbeck Records store in Helsingborg, a logo was needed. It needed to be simple and scalable for all possible applications – from the storefront to stickers and social media posts. A requirement for the logo was that it could be replicated by hand very easily so that it not always needed to be printed.

logotype & mascot

The logotype was made from the direction ”Modern retro”, ”Scooby Doo” and ”Rough”. It keeps it simple but with a more interesting form, which is changed based on the application. In combination with the logo, a mascot was created to set the store apart from its competitors. The seagull Fobbe is a bird that summarises what Fobbeck Records is and gives the communication a more personal and fun touch. Fobbe was meant to be a complement to the branding and could be present with the logo or stand on its own legs without the logo.


The scalability of the logo and mascot was key. The use of the straight or skewed logo depending on the space works interchangeably without losing its recognisability thanks to the logos shared characteristics. Which also translates good to being sketched by hand. The bird can also be used in a matter of ways; as a centrepiece, as an accent or not at all, depending on the space and choice of the owner.

Gabriel Lindersson (Art director & designer)